Healing Grid – the quick helper

Do you want a supportive energy for a particular issue?

This can be an upcoming operation, illness, heartbreak, difficulties at work and much more. Describe your problem to me and I intuitively choose a selection of Metatron Colour Healing Sprays to support you and create a small altar for you with the help of stones and natural elements. Depending on the impulse, this is complemented by an oracle card with a message.

After that, I light a candle and ask the spiritual world to support you, for the highest good of all involved. Afterwards I will send you a voice message (approx. 5 min) and a photo of your Healing Grid. I let the candle burn down and the altar will be left for you for 24 hours.

Price: CHF 33.-

Offered in German, French and English

Oracle card reading – the surprise bag

Are you stuck on a topic and want a new perspective and helpful input? Then the oracle cards are perfect for you. You have the choice to send me your question directly or to formulate it only for yourself, it doesn't matter.

I will then with your consent, connect with your higher self and ask you to receive what is important for you right now. for you right now. I will then intuitively choose a card set and a Metatron Colour Healing Spray.  I usually draw three cards the first one points to the past, to the path you have already walked. The second card speaks about your The second card speaks about your current current situation and the energies connected to it. The third card represents the future, how things are going forward now and what is helpful for you to know.

Afterwards you will receive a video recording of the reading (approx. 15 min), I will explain the individual cards and symbols and pass on to you what I received.  

Price: CHF 55.-

Offered in German, French and English

Individual session –  for the determined

Would you like individual and in-depth support?  Then I recommend an individual session.  

Together we will look at what is currently most important to you and what can best support you now. You can come to my Metatron room or we can meet outside in my garden in nature. Depending on the impulse, I will conduct a guided meditation, balance your chakras or create a ritual for you.

Price: 60min / CHF 122.-, 90min /  CHF 188.-

Offered in German, French and English

About my work method
  • I do not answer yes / no questions or questions about the time of death.
  • I am not a substitute for a psychologist, doctor or pharmacist, please seek medical help for health problems.
  • I make no promises of a cure, only read the current energy.

You can contact me via the contact form on the start page, by mail stefanie.goldeneacht@gmail.com or by phone +41 77 508 29 39. I will get back to you as soon as possible.