Energy painting for Transformation & Balance - Your Personal Helper

Nice to have you here!

To paint your energy picture I connect with your essence and ask the spiritual world to guide me in the creation of your energy picture so that it supports you in your next step of transformation. The colour and form languages that want to support you now usually show up quickly.

Some images emerge quickly, others take a little more time. Some I paint with brushes, others with my fingers. Quite different, just as we humans are. After I have made the last brush stroke, I leave the painting for a while to dry in peace and so that the energies can anchor themselves.

When you receive the painting, I recommend that you sit down alone with it and let the colours work on you and connect with them. Let yourself go with it, feel with your heart what it wants to say to you. Then hang it up in a place where you spend a lot of time.

Order process

If you hear the call of your energy picture, then write me a message, either via contact form or on my phone +41 77 508 29 39.

You can choose between two picture sizes, the pictures are painted by me with acrylic paint on a canvas. To connect with your energy I need your date of birth, your name and your current place of residence.

I would like to promise you that you will receive your painting within XY days, but unfortunately I cannot do that. But what I can promise you is that I will paint the pictures in the order in which they are ordered.


30 cm x 40 cm CHF 140.-*
40 cm x 50 cm CHF 180.-*

*Shipping to Switzerland and Lichtenstein is included in the price. If you are in the EU, the postage costs CHF 34.- 

You can contact me via the contact form on the start page, by mail or by phone +41 77 508 29 39. I will get back to you as soon as possible.