How I work

"Just because we don't see the stars during the day doesn't mean they don't exist."  Metatron, 03/03/2019

We are all born with an inner connection to the spiritual world and to our higher self. However, it is often buried by societal expectations and pushed away by our minds. However, there is a treasure lying dormant in all of us that we have accumulated in past lives. Now is the time to remember it.

I actively began my search for inner connection, for re-membering, in 2018.  I relied on the Metatron Colour Healing™  and completed both levels of the training. Working on myself with the support of meditation and self-reflection was certainly not always rosy, but it was definitely worth it. My life is now completely different - I am following my heart's desire to lead people closer to nature and thus closer to themselves. You can read more about my personal journey into re-membering on the blog.

In addition, I have a great passion for oracle cards, the language of symbols, the energies of colours, shamanism, healing stones, the Celtic cycle of the year, numerology and much more.  In my energetic work I receive images, songs, stories, emotions and weave them into an individual message for you.

About my way of working

  • I do not answer yes / no questions or questions about the time of death.
  • I am not a substitute for a psychologist, doctor or pharmacist, please seek medical help for health problems.
  • I make no promises of a cure, only read the current energy.
  • All offers are available in German, English and French.

You can contact me via the contact form on the start page, by mail or by phone +41 77 508 29 39. I will get back to you as soon as possible.