My permaculture garden

My vision is to increase plant diversity on my inherited plot and thus create an attractive habitat for insects, butterflies, birds and other creatures. I like to let the garden develop slowly, to test it, to try it out, to adapt it. Without rushing, not forcing anything on the soil that it doesn't want.  Why I started with permaculture and how I got my soil, you can read here in the blog. 

The plot of my garden is located above St.German, VS Switzerland and extends over about 1000m2. In my childhood I spent many hours up there romping around, rolling over the meadows and climbing trees. The terrain is very steep, but it has old stone walls, some of which are prone to slipping. It is very exposed to the sun, and mainly dogwood, wild oregano, wormwood, mugwort, rock carnations, wild cherries, ash trees and a lot of other plants grow here, All around are pastures, a collection of old stables, the obligatory vines, the water reservoir, an access road and many trees, mainly ash and birch.

The water I need I can get from the Bisse*, which flows above my garden. With the slope, I have enough pressure to pipe the water to various taps. If a summer thunderstorm clogs the catchment points I have a 1000 litre water tank at the highest point. This is usually enough until the Bisse brings water again.

At the moment I am only working on a small part of the plot. I'm trying to figure out which location is best for what. I have had the most success so far on the lowest terrace, which has the most hours of shade in the summer. Various perennial plants grow here mainly medicinal herbs, but also flowers and strawberries. In the steepest places I have planted shrubs with the hope that they will provide me with shade in the future and secure the slope. 

*Bisse:  Bisses are the historic irrigation channels of the Valais. A bisse is an open ditches delivering priceless water from mountain streams – often by daring routes – to arid pastures and fields, vineyards and orchards.  Many bisses are still in use today and are carefully maintained. (Source:  Bisses | Valais Switzerland)

I have also planted five rose bushes so far, as they delight me with their flowers all summer long. The majority of the roses are unfilled, i.e. the blossoms open fully and release their nectar, so the insects also benefit.

In the summer of 2020, I took part in ProNatura's nature garden competition. In the course of the competition, more than 400 gardens in Switzerland were visited. Natural gardens, which work without pesticides and peat, create habitats for wildlife and insects and are predominantly home to native plants, were honoured. During the expert's visit to my garden, a "Grienig", an emerald lizard, scurried into the stone wall in front of him right at the beginning, which thrilled him very much. For me a familiar inhabitant, for him a highlight. We spent a total of one hour wandering through the garden. A few weeks later, I received the award from Pro Natura by post - I am very happy about it and feel encouraged to let my garden paradise flourish even further!

You can contact me via the contact form on the start page, by mail or by phone +41 77 508 29 39. I will get back to you as soon as possible.